Concrete Home Design Table Lamp

Concrete Home Design Table Lamp Table Lamps

Concrete Home Design Table Lamp Table Lamps

Concrete meets glass and light. An idea, asymmetrical, organic, a little bit crazy. Clément Terreng and Concrete Home Design love challenges, organic forms and concrete.

Concrete products are many available. The majority is angular. The idea to design a light already existed long. This should be asymmetric, round, organic, and move through their optics to touch and stroke. You should overcome the apparent contradictions of concrete as a hard, brittle, angular material with soft, round and soft forms. Since January 2012, the idea has become a reality – Idée folle is born. You can lie or stand. It is a light object, no lamp to illuminate an entire room. The extravagant shape and materials give idée folle an exceptional object.

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