15 Ideas to Recycle your Kitchen Tool into Table Lamp

The kitchen is often the center of recycling so why not take the opportunity to build a nice lamp made with recycled kitchen tools, cans, bottles…

1. Modern farm house lighting made with an old kitchen mill rustic vintage lamp

2. Kitchen Desk Lamp made with a rustic colander and old toasters

3. Industrial Desk lamp made with a hand mixer

4. Rustic recycled kitchen cheese grater and colander Countertop Lamp Light

5. Modern Farmhouse Lighting made with a metallic colander

6. Modern farmhouse lighting made with recycled whiskey bottles (can be made with any two bottles of your choice, whether they be wine bottles or liquor bottles…) and a pulley pendant light.

7. Wood Floor lamp made with a farmhouse crate filled with clear glass containers

8. Six mismatched seltzer bottles are propped up and illuminated from within in this wood floor lamp

9. Keep your mason jar to make a modern farmhouse lighting: Mason Jar Wood Pallet Chandelier!

10. Organic desk lamp made with glasses and plants

11. HEINZ Beanz cans, like some waste objects, can be turned into charming yet functional pendant lights

12. Ceiling lights made with classic beer bottles

13. If you have unused plastic glasses, think about making a lamp!

14. Pendant lamp made with fruits basket Lampshade

15. Why not simply use plumbing pipes!

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Gilles Eichenbaum

Thanks for choosing a light inspired by Garbage – as its re-creator himself mentionned it when he first published it ;-) https://www.facebook.com/gilles.garbage.eichenbaum/photos/a.637558232944832.1073741826.161131053920888/882557431778243/?type=3&theater

Garbage - Vos poubelles ont du talent

By the way, mine was created in 2008.